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After a hiatus of about eight years Afra couldn’t deny her love of dj-ing any longer, so she dusted of her collection of vinyl, assembled many new records too and gave it another swing.
This all took place in 2017 and a lot has happened since. But more about that later, let’s start at the beginning.

Electronic music and the international club scene have always fascinated Afra. It started in the early years of this century when she decided – at 16 years old - to collect vinyl and made her Technics her new best friends after seeing a Miss Kittin show. In the coming years she was playing different clubs and festivals in and around her hometown Amsterdam, but dj-ing as a teenager can be tough. The fun slowly passed and Afra started spending her time setting up her own business as a jeweller, which she is still running to date.

Luckily Afra dug up the fun 4 years ago when she did what was mentioned at the beginning of this little bio. She found out that the break she took from dj-ing only made her more determined and mature about the job. Her sound has progressed to a mix of techno, electro, acid and EDM all with that rousing punch and emotion at the same time. Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Berlin became Afra’s holy trinity these past years. She became a resident for one of Amsterdam’s biggest queer parties SPIELRAUM, played her monthly shows at Operator Radio while buying records at Clone and cooking up some new ideas with Marsman from Pinkman in Rotterdam, and took the train to Berlin often to play at parties like Herrensauna and Saule.

Afra is a true vinyl lover. The imperfections that come with the sound of it and the focus that is needed for mixing with the black gold give her energy and goose bumps. She mixes all of her sets with vinyl and she likes to play diverse sets from the more subtle ones to peak time bangers. 

Another period of rest came when the COVID-19 pandemic stopped all artists from playing their shows. In Afra’s case this meant she could finally finish her plans with Marsman. They set-up the Pinkman sublabel Mindri, which had it’s first release ‘Flying Spaghetti Monstership by Pluto Junkies at the end of 2020.

As the shows start to pick up again, Afra is ready and steady for round three.

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    Boiler Room - Cologne

    Afra @ Selectors 2021

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