Ernestas Sadau

Ernestas Sadau wants you to lose yourself on the dance floor. How he gets you to that point will always be a surprise, because how he plays depends on his mood, but rest assured that whatever he serves up, it will be a scintillating brew of acid, techno, house and breakbeat that arrests your every sense.

In abandoned buildings, rave forests or large main rooms, he goes really wild and serves up the bangers you need, while smaller places allow him to get weird and wonderful with an eclectic mix of music that is designed to connect with the people in front of him. Over a 20 year career, he has distilled influences as diverse as Bunker Records and the Dutch West Coast scene, Drexcyia, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alice Coltrane and Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble into his own unique sound world.

Establishing an expressive and distinctive sound in this way has lead him to gigs everywhere from Tresor and Panormama Bar to a guest slots on NTS Radio show via his own Digital Tsunami parties around Europe. It is there he will drop the arresting tunes he releases on that label as well as the likes of Pinkman. They are cinematic tunes that have raw drum programming, retro-future synths and a sense of occult musical menace that is brilliantly unsettling and truly unique.

Digital Tsunami also encompasses DT Camp, invite-only events in a secret location in the world that allow Sadau and his associates to serve up their perfect soundtracks in perfect settings. Wherever you catch the man, though, you can be sure of a uncompromising and irresistible ride.

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