Mark Du Mosch

Mark du Mosch is a long and well schooled DJ with the unquestionable skills to prove it. His heritage is lush and he likes to entertain himself as much as his crowd: from fun and playful selections to deep and beautiful via sweaty and pumping, he digs deep into his own unrivalled record collection and takes joy in creatively joining the dots between a vast array of sounds, styles and scenes.

Wherever he plays, from a beach to a basement, he draws on sounds that evoke strong mental imagery and a sense of eternity, married with a compulsion to dance that makes his sets entertaining and emotional in equal parts. This also informs a passion for scoring moves and documentaries which, in turn, lends his DJ sets and productions a strong sense of narrative and story telling that really take you somewhere. 

Though now established with gigs at places like Tresor, Berghain, Fabric and Dekmantel, he started playing serious raves in the nineties, illegal acid techno squats in Rotterdam harbour and then industrial arenas around Europe, often deep undercover. Since then he has been fine tuning his skills and hoarding his gear collection, which can be heard on his rugged studio productions.  

He is constantly active in the studio. Making music is a necessity that has resulted in EPs on Dekmantel, Pinkman and Clone’s Royal Oak, as well as albums on SD Records and 2013's Midnight Run on Tape, a varied and vital underground techno gem, plus a DJ Mix on Supine that veered into otherworldly ambience, abstract and leftfield electronics. His club grooves, though, are crisp and physical and veer between house and techno with savage synth lines or throwback bass, haunting atmospheres or bristling percussion. 

Always with a timeless feel and distinctive sense of soul, all this means Mark du Mosch is a vital on going part of the European underground.


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