Tammo Hesselink

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Tammo Hesselink likes to play around with many different rhythms. In terms of both what he makes and what he spins, he is drawn to stripped-back building blocks that allow him to get creative and find new sounds in what he combines. Whether that's the bass-driven swagger of UK sounds or the more psychedelic and loopy end of techno, what he does is mix it all into something unpredictable yet compelling.

It is this signature style that has earned him resident status at revered club De School and Garage Noord as well as releases on labels like Nous’klaer Audio, Delsin and Blank Mind.

Hesselink has been deeply rooted in the vital Amsterdam scene for years now. Almost right from the off he headed down his own path by setting up The Invariants, a production alias and label which soon got a reputation as a well-respected project known for supple and spacious house and deeper techno works. It caught the attention of the taste-making Delsin who went on to distribute it, and since then he has explored everything from acid-laced house to sci-fi techno under a number of different monikers.

But now he releases under his own name, confident that he is getting his own personal message across just as he would like. His sound is still inspired by the post-dubstep sounds and hi-fidelity techno that first got his attention many years ago but with his own distinctive and trance-inducing twist. A flurry of EPs in recent years has explored floating breakbeats and fluttering future rhythms, meticulously designed percussive loops and futuristic sound designs that seem to twist metal and melt glass, all with heavy bottom ends anchoring dancers to the floor.

His knack of encouraging dancers to get lost between the beats, somewhere off grid, is what makes him a firm favourite with clued-up crowds everywhere from the US to Australia, and of course at Amsterdam's Garage Noord which he now calls home. By consistently keeping himself inspired and on edge, Tammo Hesselink always has the dance floor exactly where it needs to be.

    Dekmantel Podcast 376

    live at Shotgun Festival 2023

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